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This is the definitive Nutriceutical software for health care professionals. It is a comprehensive, authoritative reference database providing validated information on nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, common health conditions and much more. The database contains over 40,000 references and 2,000 abstracts from peer reviewed journals, making it THE single source reference of choice for current research on dietary factors. It is updated quarterly with the latest information. The modules on Drug/Nutrient Depletions and Drug/Herb Interactions provide extensive monographs for hundreds of commonly used prescription medications. The Quick Search function is great if you’re not sure where to look for a specific item or topic. The Bulletin function enables you to store personal notes or comments on the database.

Nutriceutica is for informational use only. The data in this software is based on information from a variety of sources and merely represents health literature as summarized by researchers and contributors of the database. Healthway Soluntions, Inc makes no warrianties expressed or implied regarding the completeness or accuracy of this information for any particular purpose. The summary of this information is not intended to replace the advise of health-care professionals.

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